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Welcome to Bournemouth Berserkers

Welcome to the new Bournemouth Berserkers website.

We are a local and social roleplaying group based in St. Catherine's Hill in Christchurch Dorset.
We run various games using various settings and game systems, which we switch periodically throughout the year.

Feel free to partake of our community forum.

Posted on Sunday, February 21


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Club Games Changes Current Running Games - 4th April
Posted by Lloyd on Wednesday, April 02, 2014 (03:09:51) (1107 reads)

We are currently running four games:

Dawn of Defiance Episode V: The First to Strike
Star Wars Saga Edition

Theme: Heroic space opera in typical Star Wars style
Blurb: In the early years of Emperor Palpatine's reign, the first seeds of organised rebellion are beginning to flourish. But the Empire have plans in motion which will consolidate their power and crush any opposition. A small group of freedom fighters secretly sponsored by Senator Bail Organa continue their pursuit of the truth behind the mysterious and sinister Sarlacc Project.

Europe Ablaze!
Call of Cthulhu 6e/World War Cthulhu

Theme: Investigative horror in occupied Europe during WW2. There are going to be mature themes involving torture and extreme violence in at least part of the scenario.
Blurb: The forces of fascism have overwhelmed Europe. Britain fights on desperately, and every man and woman must do what is necessary to avoid defeat.
In forgotten corners, darkness stirs. The cycles of the ancient god-things are measured in millennia, but those who serve them plot to take advantage of the chaos of conflict to advance their own schemes.
For an unlucky few, the war collides with evils out of time, and they see and learn things that humanity is ill-prepared to encounter. The truly unlucky survive, and come to the attention of a certain spymaster, code letter N, who has plans for them.
You are one of SOE's agents taking part in operations to set Europe ablaze in the word's of the Prime Minister, Mr Churchill. You are also one of those people chosen by N to assist him in his war against occult forces. Sometimes this war will overlap with your primary mission.

One of our agents is missing
Cursed Empire 3

Theme: High fantasy, warriors, rogues, wizards, heroic quests for glory and renown, faint-hearted need not apply
Blurb: Your respective orders have sent you on a mission to find a missing agent of the White Order of Elios.

Blood Debt
Dresden Files

Theme: Urban Fantasy (Lost Girl)
Blurb: A game based on the tv show Lost Girl. I am going to be using the Dresden Files Fate based rulebook to facilitate such an endeavour.

The world of Lost Girl is very similar to that of Dresden, just a bit more simplified. There are humans and there are Fae, the Fae are split into two courts; the Light and the Dark. The titles of these courts aren't to be taken too literally, all Fae feed on humans to some extent, the Dark are just normally less subtle. There are also Under Fae, who are generally monsters unable to blend in with humanity. The majority of The Fae in the show are based on Gaelic or Slavic mythology and folklore, however that doesn't mean they don't exist.
The game will be set in a city created using the Dresden rules, and the first session will be character generation. I'm going to leave it open as to whether you are aligned to the Light or Dark, and you can play human or Fae character. As Fae you can design almost any character but you must be officially on one side or the other, as human the powers will be limited and some justification must be given as to how you got them (such as a "gift" from a powerful Fae).
This game will contain mature content from the start. I will be running this very rules light, with an emphasis on roleplaying/storytelling and an avoidance of metagaming/big combats.

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Club Games Changes Current Running Games - 3rd January
Posted by Lloyd on Monday, December 23, 2013 (05:50:36) (1226 reads)

We are currently running five games:

Call of Cthulhu
We’re all going on a summer holiday

Theme: Classic 1920s horror and no Cliff Richard as he is too scary.
Blurb: Its vacation time and where better to go than the Grandview Lodge. A rustic hotel located in rural Floyd County, Virginia. The Grandview features numerous outdoor activities including riding, camping, fishing, swimming, hunting, skeet shooting, tennis and croquet. It’s a popular vacation spot for many affluent people who are eager to escape the city. The area surrounding it is a forested and hilly and absolutely stunning. You are all friends coming on holidays. It is a quiet and peaceful retreat. It is April 28th 1921. It’s the holidays what could go wrong. It’s Cthulhu!

World of Darkness
A slayer in Springville

Theme: Horror, Mystery
Blurb: The new term starts at Springville high with some new faces among the staff and students, which surely has nothing at all to do with the insanely high mortality rate in this sleepy little Californian town.

Odd things happen in Springville and these are just some of the recent ones: Strange lights have been seen from Lighthouse Chapel over the past three week, rays of purple and green light beaming through the night. Cave and Associates, previously a tiny firm covering local advertising have become an international marketing firm virtually overnight. Two families of visitors in late July were found drowned in the Tule River.

Based in the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer but one of you will be the slayer. Who has been called? Will you have the support of the watcher's council? Will any of you have any 'special' powers? Which of the recent events were occult or uncanny and do you really want to know?

Rocket Age
Ruckus on the red planet

Theme: Pulp Retro Sci Fi, The Saturday morning serials of yesterday
Blurb: " It's throttled up rocket packs burning radium on the long blast to the furthest reaches of the Solar System. It's hunting thunder lizards in the upland jungles of Venus. It's Ancient Martian killing machines piloted by Deutsche Marskorps across the baking red deserts of Mars"

Are you are square jawed hero? Then sign up quickly as we only have 12 weeks to save the Earth!! Think Rocket Rangers, Bug eyed alien monsters, Strange mysterious ruins on far off planets & Space Nazis.

A Pony for Imogen

Theme: Horror, Investigation of things that will eat your face off.
Blurb: Every female child wishes for a pony of their very own and there's been a rash of children with new ponies signing up for the Pony Club in Middlehampton this Summer. A local DEFRA officer has called in and suggested that the Laundry might want to come and attend the next gymkhana.

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Club Games Changes Current Running Games - 4th October
Posted by Lloyd on Friday, September 27, 2013 (01:26:58) (1362 reads)

We are currently running five games:

Battletech: A Time For War
Of mice and them

For almost a thousand years, humans have journeyed into the far reaches of space, colonizing thousands of worlds and forming star-spanning alliances. From these grew the five vast star empires that make up the Inner Sphere. The Inner Sphere is rife with division as the ruling dynasties warred constantly over colony worlds with valuable resources. You are members of the Inner Sphere.
An open game with the character generation influencing the scenario. Expect gritty and nasty play for some “mature” content not tactical battles.
The crew of the Sea Sprite have mutinied and marooned their Captain over the keel-hauling of Smith and Groves, something specifically banned in the articles. All because they argued in favour of rescuing 'Golden' Jack Corland from the gallows. Now the crew must vote on a new Captain, confirm the articles and decide where they can find the choicest prizes for their piracy.

The One Ring
Journey's in Rhovanion

It's 2946 in the Third Age, five years after Bard killed Smaug and Bilbo and the Dwarves came to the Lonely Mountain. Although the Necromancer has fled Dol Guldur something evil still haunts the land. The Mirkwood in no less foul and dangerous than it was when the Dwarves and Bilbo travelled the elf-path five years ago.
It's up to a new group of companions to cleanse the Mirkwood of its taint.
One thing to note. In the One Ring game system players narrate their actions and the outcomes. If you aren't comfortable with talking out your actions and engaging with the other members of your company in character this game offer might not suit your gaming style.

Aye Dark Lord!

You are the second most senior minions of The Most Awesome DarkLord Mistök Ekki...
He and his lieutenants have left to recover an artefact that will aid him in dominion over his nemesis Churkov 8. Your task is to rebuild and garrison a small stronghold at the entrance to the mountain pass in which he is questing. To do this you will need to raid and pillage local villages for slaves and supplies. Oh and keep those pesky do-gooder adventurers off his back! The pillaging is not suitable for younger players.

Sign of the Cross: An Unexpected Involvement
Pathfinder (Modified)

Carriage racing through tulip fields, rescuing kidnapped ladies, swashbuckling, a nation on the brink of civil war, wine, cheese and... the SPANISH INQUISITION!

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Club Games Changes Current Running Games - 5th July
Posted by Lloyd on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 (04:01:47) (1365 reads)

We are currently running five games:

Poseidon's Treasures

Pirate adventures in the new world: buckling of swash, sea battles, strange magic’s, treasure and glory.
This morning finds you drifting away from a lonely spit of land south of Port Elizabeth, behind you the curses of ex-captain Bucklain fade against the wash of the sea and the noises of the ship. Standing silently the crew says its last farewell to Smith and 'Wheeler' Groves before commending their bodies to the deep, after a minute or two the discussions start. Where will we sail next and who will be Captain?

The crew of the Sea Sprite have mutinied and marooned their Captain over the keel-hauling of Smith and Groves, something specifically banned in the articles. All because they argued in favour of rescuing 'Golden' Jack Corland from the gallows. Now the crew must vote on a new Captain, confirm the articles and decide where they can find the choicest prizes for their piracy.

Mongoose Traveller
Welcome to Liberty

Proximity alarms ring across the ship as it comes out of Jump Space, and a large asteroid fills the forward view ports. A message flashes onto the computer before the impact rocks the ship; "Welcome to Liberty"

Song of Ice and Fire
Peril at Kings Landing

What awaits you in the great city of Kings Landing? How will you further the name and cause of your noble house, and how will you navigate the treacherous moves of The Game of thrones? Take up your sword and standard, strike out on the road, make the journey towards........

Doctor Who / UNIT

The UNified Intelligence Taskforce have always had to operate somewhat below the radar, but sometimes even behind that veil situations arise in which UNIT can't be seen to be formally involved. Officially, the people who are called upon in such times don't exist, and certainly don't have any connection to UNIT's chain of command. Unofficially, they're colloquially known as Second UNIT.

Only Brigadier Kate Stewart knows exactly how many individuals comprise Second UNIT. Some of them are former UNIT soldiers discharged from duty for various reasons, others are specialist consultants whose field of study didn't merit full-time employment. Some are simply civilians who showed unusual ingenuity or initiative when confronted by extraordinary situations. They have their own lives and responsibilities, but they are also paid a retainer from UNIT's discretionary funds, in return for which they know that they may be called upon at any time to handle threats that lie beyond UNIT's official remit or reach.

Now it seems that something has happened to UNIT. Lines of communication have gone dark, troops have been recalled from operations, and a handful of Second UNIT's occasional operatives have received coded messages calling them to active duty...

7th Sea
Pirating in the Mediterranean

The curtain rises to reveal two banks of weary galley slaves chained to oars. The sun is slipping below the horizon as the slaves slurp hungrily at watery gruel...

Your ankle will forever bear the mark of the months of being a galley slave.
Not that it will matter; you'll likely die at the oars.
'Akif at the front of your chains claims to have done something to weaken a link.
Tonight - with everyone's effort you may be free, and then...
Then what? Home, Pirating, Vengeance?
Why were you dragged from your home in the middle of the night by the sheik's guards?
What threat did the son/daughter/urchin of an unknown father pose?
Was it providence that caused the guards to sell you as galley slaves rather than kill you as ordered?
Will you be back in time for the Prince's coming of age party in June?

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Club Games Changes Current Running Games - 5th April
Posted by Lloyd on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 (14:04:34) (1596 reads)

We are currently running five games:

Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game:
New Avengers

You are the Avengers, Earth's mightiest heroes, 'nuff said!

Spycraft V1.0:
The Agency

The Agency requires groups for various jobs.

'Alpha' Teams are surveillance teams
'Beta' Teams are covert infiltration specialist
'Gamma' Teams are the deep cover teams
You are all members of a 'Psi' team. Psi teams are the people who are called in to deal with problems and make sure when they are finished there is no problems left. At the moment your team have two jobs on the go.

Number 1 is Nazario Moreno González - The leader of La Familia Michoacana( A Mexican drug Baron leader). His kill order has been arranged and it’s your job. He is visiting Texas and he is not to leave.
After that it’s on to Spain for a brief stay to deal with Khaled bin Talal(a Suadi Prince with terrorist ties), during his stopover. Once done its back home for some much earned R&R.

Should go well with no problems........
(Due to the nature of some of the possible assignations this will be a mature content game)

Characters will be 9th level. It is using a Low -Magic Fantasy setting. There are demi-humans and magic... but secretive, dwindling and "frowned upon"

Pathfinder: Oriental Adventures:
Night of the Seven Swords

While the Maeshi province revels in the festival spirit, dark clouds gather over its regions political scene. Two warlords are vying for control of this otherwise peaceful province. The powerful Sun Temple has agreed to fully support to the faction which reclaims and retrieves relics of great importance.
The last known location of the relics? Believed to be the ruins of Ito-jo castle, once home to the Ito clan, known as the “Seven Sword Clan”. If the superstitious peasant rumours are to be believed, these are both cursed and haunted!
(Originally a AD&D (1st Edition) module) re-written, re-worked and up-gunned to accommodate Pathfinder Characters.)

Jaws of the Six Serpents:

Sword and Sorcery action. Culture is typical Fantasy medieval with feuding lordlings and minor kings claiming empires never heard of outside old tales and fables. Weaponry is the basics of blade and bow, with metal armour much prized when found - usually in the tomb of some hero of olden days. Strange visaged sorcerers stride the land calling forth demons from the void and raising up the dead to bow and scrape to their arcane masters.

Take up your trusty blade and go forth to slay evil and capture prizes worth an emperors ransom.

Uses the Jaws of the Six Serpents version of PDQ where important facets of characters (and everything else) are described as Qualities made up of a freeform description and a Rank, like Good [+2] Quick reflexes. When the situation makes it relevant you can add the Quality in to a 2d6 roll. You can give your character whatever Qualities are most dramatically important.


1940- The Blitz never happened because Hitler concentrates his superior air power on destroying the bewildered Royal Air Force. After a valiant fight, Fighter Command is no more. Operation Sea Lion- The long-anticipated invasion of Britain commences and the Germans take London. Winston Churchill leads the British Government into exile in Canada to continue the war the best they can. Britain becomes another occupied state of the Third Reich.
1941- America never enters the war. The British Government in Exile is forced to come to peace with Nazi Germany. America still funds the war the best they can but with the surrender of the British there are few people out there willing to make a stand. The Russians loose Moscow and fight a gurilla war from beyond the Urals.
1945- Britain is officially split into 10 sectors to assist with its running and officially is recognised as an occupied state of the Third Reich by the rest of the terrified world.
30 years of oppression, irradication and dismantling of Britainia has not left much but a few souls who fight on for King and Country. You are a team of those souls. You are the London Team!

You have loose connections with other cells around the country as you try to coordinate strikes against the oppressive Nazi forces in your country. During a general meeting however, you have all been captured by the Gestapo and rounded up to be sent back to the continent. You where lucky however as there was a crash and you all managed to escape. You are now on the run in London and need to figure out how to contact the rest of your organisation... if any are still alive or start up a new group and continue the fight for Freedom!

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Club Games Changes Current Running Games - 4th January
Posted by Lloyd on Wednesday, January 02, 2013 (17:58:56) (1285 reads)

We are currently running five games:

World of Darkness:
Walking Corpses

Last night you went to sleep and everything was normal, yeah African rabies was all over the news, but they'd made a lot of noise about SARS, and after that Avian Flu, anyway you'd been immunised with phalanx, there were so many other things going on that you really weren't paying that much attention. This morning everything changed.
You'd never quite considered how many people there were in the Windy City, but suddenly nearly all of them seem to have died, but not stayed dead...
You managed to survive your first interaction with the walking dead by running away, but you've done nothing but run since. You made it to Schiller Woods on the western outskirts of Chicago where there seems to be a camp of refugees, you're terrified that some of them may be infected, but you're so tired that you're fallen asleep.
You wake realising that you had been dreaming that it was all a dream, but its not and now you'll have to figure out how to survive...
Making use of sources such as The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, Dawn/Day/Night of the Dead and Max Brooks' World War Z as well as a few of my own ideas, players will need to find a way to survive in a world where the zombie apocolypse has actually happened...
Themes: Survival

The Last Straw

Recently about a dozen Dutch merchantmen have gone missing, been sunk or apparently abandoned in the thin straits between England and the Dutch coast. There have been no survivors. The rebellious Dutch government, secretly staunch allies of the English Monarchy are finding it hard to stall the requests for revenge on what is thought to be English-backed piracy. Sympathisers within the Dutch Navy, initially disbelieving, have apparently discovered damning evidence and have requested for delegations to be sent from England to explain and confirm the situation before their findings are revealed.

Characters will be 9th level. It is using a Low -Magic Fantasy setting. There are demi-humans and magic... but secretive, dwindling and "frowned upon"


Sun, Sea, Sights, Mysterious Unsolved Murder Cases... San Francisco has everything a hunter needs in a vacation. A group of hunters came to the city to lie low, but after being attacked by a supernatural creature find themselves back into the fight - and research is leading them to more questions than answers.

The Raid

Become a hero in the Scandia of legend – intrigue, combat, quests, magic and mythic creatures await...!. It’s been a long journey but the cost of Ireland is in front of you. All you need to do is raid pillage and ‘ahem’ before returning home....... It should be an easy one.
Due the Viking nature I am going to put mature content on it.

Heart of Darkness - subset of World of Darkness:

You are members of the Diogenes Club,The Empire's Occult Secret Service, which may well form part of the Laundry later, but for now Jerry's running rings around us in Africa and ripples in the aether mean it's more than just better strategy. Doktor Meinhold, their most innovative scientist has recently taken a team to the great lakes. Find out what is hurting the Heart of Africa, stop the germans, find out what the Darkside plans are, and protect Mimi and Toutou.

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Club Games Changes Current Running Games - 5th October
Posted by Lloyd on Sunday, September 30, 2012 (12:35:41) (1297 reads)

We are currently running four games from four different settings:

World of Darkness:

Dresden Files RPG involves players creating their own city and a very interactive character creation. The city the game is set in will be decided by the players during creation. Character creation I would like to do before the game. Well you don't expect too much info as my games aren't altered by the players it's created by them.
Scenario: Dreams do come true..... that’s worrying.
Mature content expected.

Star Blazers:

RPG set in the Mass Effect universe using the FATE based Star Blazers system.
Scenario: Given the setting is so full of hooks, I'd simply planned on looking at what the characters made and run with it. The campaign will be set 5-6 years before the events of the first mass effect though, since I simply cannot be arsed with establishing what is and is not canon.

Deadlands The Weird West using Wordplay:

It's a cut throat dog eat dog existence on the backstreets of Hells Kitchen, New York. To be a sucessfull business man you have to be tough to survive and not get swallowed up by the sharks. Newly successful transport tycoon Matthew Murdoch is a worried man , his partner Sven Neilsson has gone missing in Denver the night before he was supposed to sign and seal an important contract with some powerfull new clients.
Fearfull for his friends safety and suspicious of the honest intentions of the authorities to handle these matters with an impartial eye. Murdoch has hired an independant team to investigate his friends disappearance. The stories coming back from Colorado are disturbing and bizzare if true. Something deadly and ravenous stalks the Denver streets at night and the the grisly dismembered and partial eaten remains of several citizens have recently been discovered. Fear levels are mounting and the Agency seem powerless to stop it.....
There's a Union Blue train leaving Grand Central Station heading West at Noon from track 13.
Be on it!

Themes: Think more League of Extrodinary Gentlemen / The Wild Bunch meets The Walking Dead and less Little House on the Prarie crossed with The Bill


"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die." - Roy Batty, Bladerunner.
"Is this gonna be a standup fight, sir, or another bughunt?" - Hudson, Aliens
2271: Earth has expanded beyond the confines of the Sol system. The Interstellar Colonial Authority of the United Earth Federation governs the Federal Colonies. As Interstellar Colonial Marines your job is to make sure the aliens and other bad guys don't win.
Think Aliens, Bladerunner, Farscape.

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Club Games Changes Current Running Games - 6th July
Posted by Lloyd on Saturday, June 30, 2012 (13:42:09) (3241 reads)

We are currently running four games from four different settings:

World of Darkness:

You are new graduates of D.O.V.E. (Department of Vampire Eradication (a sub-division of the Tax office)) - your mission, from the President himself is to seek out vampire nests in the south and try not to get too tangled in any battles, but first escort Lowe and Templar to the front with their new airship observation platform.


From the brain of Mr Joss Whedon, the 'verse in Serenity is a science-fiction adventure. It combines action, drama, comedy and a unique perspective on a new kind of science fiction universe.
Taking a break from those of you who might know the universe as it is. I will put your crew in the backdrop of the Unification War. The Independent Faction is fighting for the rights of the planets under their wing. The Alliance (depending on your viewpoints) is delivering defeat after defeat to their enemy. The Battle for Serenity Valley is still a few years away. Malcolm Reynolds is still a Sergeant in the "Balls and Bayonets" brigade. With all of this going on in the background, you will all be thrown into a campaign filled with laughs, shock, horror, frontier slang and a set of Chinese phrases that will have you jung j'wohn guo hua like a true spacer!

Cthulhu By Gaslight:

London November 1888: Invitations arrive for a party and séance at the house of a wealthy London entrepreneur freshly arrived from an overseas trip. Séances are a new addition to the party scene and many devotees are sure they've been contacted by a loved one.
PC's are likely to be involved in looking in to mysterious goings-on and strange murders, some of which might have a occult origin. They may even get an invitation to join the ultimate in occult secret societies "The Golden Dawn" if they become known for their skill in unraveling mysteries.
I'll be running multiple investigations rather than one overarching plot so dropping in and out will not be an issue.

Marvel Heroic Roleplay:

Men call him the Beyonder – the most powerful known being in this or any other universe. Capable of destroying galaxies at will, of transcending time and space, of defeating death itself. This being has all too recently kidnapped the greatest heroes and villains of Earth to fight in his Secret Wars.

Now he’s coming to Earth!
The characters, whether blue-blooded nobles or lowborn barbarians, have turned their backs on the traditional ways of life in their respective societies. Instead, they have chosen the unpredictable path of the adventurer. Their goals are rarely heroism in the name of saving the world but simple survival in a world with many dangers and unknowable mysteries.
Set in the world of Leiber's Lankhmar books this will be a Swords and Sorcery game utilising Legend (MRQII is mostly the same thing so if you've played that you know how it works).

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Club Games Changes Current Running Games - 6th April
Posted by Lloyd on Saturday, May 12, 2012 (01:19:56) (2225 reads)

We are currently running four games from four different settings:

Wild Talents:

Using 'This Favoured Land' a source-book for paranormals (the gifted) against the back-drop of the American civil war. This is probably going to be a gritty, semi-realistic game, involving the horrors of war, slavery, racism and religion.


You work for Nito, at some stage in your life Nito has done you an irreparable good deed (e.g. saved you from life sentence, rescued you from Afghani prison, got a hit on your brother called off). You have not met Nito and do not know how he did this thing or where gets his power from. All you know is that, as far as you can tell, is that he is a brilliant boss and seems to always use his power for good. You have worked for Nito for a while and he always uses your skills to right one of the world’s wrongs while making a profit from it for you both. He has told you recently that you are to become part of a crew and are introduced to the rest of the players, from now on you are going to be operating semi-independently with Nito occasionally giving you a target or nudging you back on course.

Doctor Who:

The reality in the Empire is dire. Martians have invaded Earth and the human race is bordering upon extinction. The only hope? To steal a "fiendish" device impounded by Queen Victoria and stored in the British Museum and attempt to remedy the mistakes made before the invasion.


In the world of Nehwon, characters rely on their minds, their courage and their skills. No almighty deities exist in the heavens, ready to dispense incredible magic to aid their heroic followers. No white-robed magician will appear to save the characters at the last minute. No supernatural healing awaits the adventurers if they can just reach the next town. They are on their own, living or dying by their own actions and abilities.
The characters, whether blue-blooded nobles or lowborn barbarians, have turned their backs on the traditional ways of life in their respective societies. Instead, they have chosen the unpredictable path of the adventurer. Their goals are rarely heroism in the name of saving the world but simple survival in a world with many dangers and unknowable mysteries.
Set in the world of Leiber's Lankhmar books this will be a Swords and Sorcery game utilising Legend (MRQII is mostly the same thing so if you've played that you know how it works).

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Club Games Changes Current Running Games - 6th January
Posted by Lloyd on Thursday, January 05, 2012 (04:58:43) (3148 reads)

We are currently running four games from four different settings:

Airship Pirates:

" With a crew of drunken pilots,
We're the only airship pirates,
We're full of hot air and we're starting to rise,
We're the terror of the skies but a danger to ourselves"

From the steampunk sky-cities of Isla Aether and High Tortuga come the airship pirates. You hoist the Jolly Roger, spin your propellers and take to the skies. Yours is a life of adventure, plunder and infamy.

The Laundry Files:

There are things out there, in the weirder reaches of space-time where reality is an optional extra. Horrible things, usually with tentacles. Al-Hazred glimpsed them, John Dee summoned them, HP Lovecraft wrote about them, and Alan Turing mapped the paths from our universe to theirs. The right calculation can call up entities from other, older universes, or invoke their powers. Invisibility? Easy! Animating the dead? Trivial! Binding lesser demons to your will? Easily doable!

Opening up the way for the Great Old Ones to come through and eat our brains? Unfortunately, much too easy.

That’s where the Laundry comes in – it’s a branch of the British secret service, tasked to prevent hideous alien gods from wiping out all life on Earth (and more particularly, the UK). You work for the Laundry. The hours are long, the pay is sub-par, the co-workers are… interesting (in the Chinese curse sense of the word), and the bureaucracy is stifling – but you do get to wave basilisk guns and bullet wards around, and to go on challenging and exciting missions to exotic locations like quaint, legend-haunted Wigan, cursed Slough and Wolverhampton where the walls are thin.

You may even get to save the world.

Just make sure you get a receipt.

Wild Talents:

In the Near Now, Earth has been invaded by raiders from another dimension. These armies of evil bring with them their own realities, different from our own, turning portions of the Earth into Someplace else. In these days of war, only you - the Storm Knights - can withstand the changing laws of nature.

Its set in a non-specific, non-Marvel reality, and players will be making their own characters, hopefully in some out-of-club meetings beforehand.

The Grottsport Proxy:

The seedy seaside town of Grottsport has always been little more than a grimy spot on a badly drawn map. However, when a murder trail led investigations there, it was discovered to be a nest of assasins. With the head of the assassins guild now presumed dead and the towns Lord disgraced and replaced by his senshenal, things should have gotten better. But now a report has reached the investigators ears... the senshenal too has disappeared and the town is leaderless and in shambles.

Alternative Historical Adventure for 7th level characters in a Low Magic Setting.

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